18 November 2010

All I want for Christmas

Christmas is coming up quickly (ACK! So far behind on crochet gifts!) and I'm really looking at it differently this year. Snap's too old for Santa. Crackle is just the right age, but the Autism prevents him from understanding what the hell I'm on about. I took him for pics last year, and he looked at the Santa with a look I knew meant, "And people think *I* dress weirdly!" Pop's too young for it.

Presents are always big for the kids, but Crackle likes wrapped up presents. He doesn't like to disturb the pretty paper. It took us until NYE to get him to open his last gift. This year, I think the toys will appear under the tree *unwrapped*.

But as I'm thinking about it, it's not presents that I want. It's changes. Little changes like more time to spend on blogging and crochet or Crackle quieting down a little. Big changes like Stephen Harper and his cabinet falling into giant political scandal they can't spin their way out of. I want to hear good things about police departments cleaning up their messes and learning from them. I want improvements in social services for pregnant mothers and new mothers - low income and not. I want to see housing projects for the homeless - and yes, they're welcome in my neighbourhood (in fact, there are already two in my neighbourhood - one low income, one no income). I want to see the end of chemical pesticides for cosmetic purposes (I'm talking to you, poisonous golf course across the street from my house!) I want the BC Lieberals to implode, and for the NDP to take over and repeal all the nasty cuts Campbell made to everything from legal aid to physical therapy services. I want Omar Khadr released. I want pot possession laws repealed. I want men to stop raping women. I want doctors to treat patients with respect.

Basically, I want better days ahead.