08 November 2010

Beyond the pale

If you for one second don't believe that the Conservatards are racist, misogynistic fucks, please, watch this video. Gist: The feds cut the Sisters in Spirit program by a third, is forcing them to change their name (why?!), and won't let them maintain a database on missing and murdered aboriginal women.

HOW can they be so absurdly hateful?! I always think that they cannot shock me any more with their evil shit, and then they go and do something like this.

Women matter. White, aboriginal, it's all the same (except that the police seem to give a rat's ass about white women - or at least, they pretend to because the media actually cover missing and murdered white women). They are women, and they matter. To be told, no, no more funding for you, not if you do the work you're doing to advocate for missing and murdered women? That's just plain evil.

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