19 December 2013

So very tired

So much shit going on. So little time. I've been so busy with Christmas, the kids, employees who've been sick, etc.

Canada Post: Seriously? WTF? Yes, I know. Pitney Bowes. Money. Duh. Harper sucks. Old people want fresh air and exercise? Sure, in the summer. In the winter? Can't see how that could go wrong! I hope they sue the fuck out of the government for every injury.
Pope Francis: LOVE.
My attempt to find a church that fits: *headdesk* We actually left mid-service last week because the perfume/cologne was so bad I couldn't breathe. And that was at our second choice. Our first choice emailed to let me know they were serving pizza at Sunday school so I should just stay away. I'm seriously considering looking into what it would take to start up a ministry near where I live, since there is only one even slightly progressive church out here, and it has a median age of about 70.
Duck Dynasty: I had to ask people what it was. Seriously? People watch that? Why? Seems to me they're just hoping he'd say something stupid like he did.
American bullshit: Ongoing.
Canadian bullshit: Ongoing.
BC bullshit: Enbridge pipeline. Honestly, this is a clusterfuck of a disasterfuck waiting to happen. OMFG. If I didn't have kids, I'd be up there, forming part of the human wall that will come up.

My Mom's cancer finally got to the point where the doctors decided to do chemotherapy. I don't know what changed or why. All I know is she's on chemo now, and she's having "issues". She talks to me a bit, but not much. She's in Regina, which is too far away for me to easily visit.

I'm so fucking tired.

My middle child, Crackle, isn't doing so well on the latest round of biomed treatments we're trying. He's not sleeping. He's screaming more than usual. On the bright side, his receptive language skills are getting better, and I think he's been babbling. That's HUGE.

Pop is getting more and more hyperactive by the day. On the bright side, he seems to be seriously musically talented. That's cool. He's also good at math.

Snap just finished her first semester of college. She got 60 in one class (intro to digital media) and 88 in the other class (pop culture and media). If the intro class hadn't been at 8:30, she'd have done far better. She's doing well on some new meds, hallelujah, and is actually out at a party tonight. OMG.

It's appointment after appointment. Sometimes, all I want is normal. That's not to say I'm not happy for the most part. I am. I just want my house back. I'm tired of having in 6 different people in a week. I'm tired of appointments with specialists. I'm tired of managing meds and supplements. I'm tired of doctors who all think they're the only one who knows anything, and that I and all the other doctors are idiots. I'm tired of arguing with idiots. I'm tired of learning about autoimmune diseases, mitochondrial disorders, microglial activation, vaccine damage, etc.

I'm just so tired. And that, my dear comrades, is why I'm not blogging.